Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time for new Wheels

After having my 128's for close to 2 years it was time to let them go and get some new shoes for my ride. I was getting tired of them so it was time to find new wheels. Very hard to do since there are so many options available. There are plentyl of nice wheels but i didnt want to spend 5K on just the wheels. I set a budget of 2500-3000.
Out of all the wheels available here are my top pics:
Asanti AF120

Asanti AF128

MRR GT4 black

MRR GT4 silver

MRR GT1 w/Chrome lip

MRR GT1 silver w/Chrome lip

MRR GT1 w/Machined lip

Asanti AF120 was my #1 choice but I couldnt find a good deal online anywhere, brand new are way too expensive and all the used ones for sale were selling anywhere from 2500 and up and had curb rash on them and there was a possibility that they were bent.
Asanti AF120 BMW 745LI pix:

750 BMW on ASANTIS AF120:

Asanti AF128 was my #2 choice but just like my #1 choice they were kinda hard to find for the right price. They are both 3pc wheels and they are know to have bent lips and thats not a cheap repair. Many people who had them had too many problems with leaks and bends.
My next option was to get the MRR GT4 5 spoke design wheels because I love 5 spoked wheels but after talking to a few of my friends and seeing some pictures online how they looked on the 7er I backed out. They are not bad wheels but they dont belong on a 7 in my opinion.
GT4 with black face:

GT4 with silver face:

So the wheels I was gonna go with were the MRR GT1 wheels with polished lip. They looked very similar to the Asanti AF120 that i wanted to get and they were cheaper and from all the reviews I was reading they were great and nobody had problems with them.  Here is the look i was going for:

I was satisfied with the looks. I wasnt sure if i should get silver with polished lip, all chrome or black with polished lip. Well since my car was black i decided to go with black w/polished lip. So i got to looking around and calling places and I come to findout that they are discontinued. They said they will not be making MRR wheels with polished lips anymore, only chrome. I didnt know what to do. Chrome reflects everything like a mirror so therefore i knew that the black center is going to be reflected in the chrome and the lips are not going to look like they are 5 inches. I couldnt find anywhere online a picture of  a 7er that had these same wheels with chrome lip so I had no idea what its gonna look like.

I also posted a video of a 745 rolling on MRR GT1 wheels with polished lips. Check it out. It looks almost like mine except i dont think its lowered.

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