Monday, January 16, 2012


BMW 745 Li
Body kit painted!
Roof spoiler installed. Front lip Installed.

Next mod:
  • Paint brake calipers black.


  1. loooking PEEEEEEEEEMP! love it! can you share the cost to paint & install, i know it varies from shop to shop, but give me a ball park. Also did they say it was simple to put on or was it a hassle, i bought the ACS replica lip for my E60 when i had it and fitment was horrible and a mess to put on!

  2. Hi and thanks for looking! I went and bought the paint at my local O'reilly auto parts. I just needed a pint for both lip and the roof spoiler, the guy that painted was my friend and he said not to buy clear coat since he has plenty. The paint job itself was going to cost anywhere between 50-100 dollars. No more then 100! But you know since he was my friend we worked out a deal and i got it painted for free.
    Fitment? It didnt fit properly at first! It seemed like its too small. We had to uses a grinder and grind off some edges here and there and make it flow with the bumper. Took about an hour to grind then fit, going back and forth till its perfect. We did get it to fit perfect. Takes time and patience though. If you buy replcia kits they are less likely to fit perfect, you will need to do modifications to them. Everyone i know who got the ACS lip had to modify it a little bit too to make it work. Roof spoiler was no problem, just dont use double sided sticky tape!

  3. can you point me in the right direction to the ebay seller? i'm tarek307 on bimmerfest u can just email me there if possible :) thanks

  4. Really?! Thats awesome! you will not regret!!! Trust me!! Cant wait to see the final result man! Your car is gonna look super clean man! Keep me posted on fitment and stuff.
    How much did you get it for?
    When I bought mine I didnt have time to install it, then I didnt have time to have the guy paint it so I had it for 4 months laying around in the garage before I actually installed it! LOL