Friday, February 24, 2012

New page added

Just added a new page called "sound"

Custom sound system pics only!

Check it out!
More pics too come!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facelifted VS. Pre Facelifted 7

Even though these 7 series BMW's were slightly modified you can still tell the difference in facelifted and pre-facelifted models.
Both cars are lowered, have upgraded wheels, asanti grille aswell as ACS spoilers.

Pre Facelifted is 2002 - 2005
Facelifted is 2006 - 2008
E66 meaning "Li" version
E65 meaning the "I" version

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As you know im working on my custom sound system. The box was done few weeks ago, all hooked up and working all I had to do is finish the final panel that has the plexi glass in it. Sorry for the cheap looking photos, didnt have my camera with me at the time so just used my EVO 3D phone to take them and it was dark in the garage.

Once the plexi glass was glued, I waited to make sure the glue cured really good so the glass doesnt fly out for any reason later on.

I used a few screws to hold the cover in place to see make sure it all fits right..

Once that was complete it was time to make the final cover to hide all the wood.
And this is what I ended up with. It was now time to cover it with grey cloth to match the trunk. It wasnt going to be a perfect match but close enough for me to like it.

To make that shape i first used thick piece of cardboard and kept cutting it to fit the trunk as nice as possible. Once that was complete I just transferred it all to the piece of wood and cut the wood to shape.

It was then time to use the adhesive and add the cloth material.

Once all that was done and 20 minutes later this is what the final cover looked like:

Also before I cut the hole I put this cover inside the trunk to show all you guys what it would look like if the sub was hidden in a box and there would not be any plexi glass.
Too plain in my opinion but im sure some people like that. Also notice how much trunk space I have left! PLENTY!! Here it is:

Here are just a few random pictures. This is with not plexi glass cover on the box so you can even notice the top neon light.

Pictures of the final result will be posted soon!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Here are few pictures of the lip upclose. They are for member Terek from bimmerfest to help him with his install of his lip.  Sorry the car is dirty so the pictures are not great. Its raining here so cant wash the car right now. The carbon fiber pieces were just black primered pieces and I wrapped the in carbon fiber vinyl. The lip was completely painted but I got the center wrapped in carbon fiber too.

Just wanted to post a picture with rear foot rests. Most 7 series are equipped with these and they will come in the color of your interior.  I know many 7 series owner didnt know they even supposed to have these in their 7's. I dont believe it was a standard option on all but some of the 7 with most options had these. I had mine and I didnt need them and was never gonna use them and I knew my passengers are not going to complain so I sold mine for $100 bucks.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

CF wrapped grille

Just wanted to post some new better and updated picture of my custom carbon fiber grille. Its wrapped in 3D carbon fiber vinyl.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just wanted to share quick update on the current system upgrade. We have cut out the hole from the inside of the car so that now the speaker is visible.



BEFORE                                      AFTER

I will be posting more pictures later and I will take better pictures with my DSLR camera, these photoes are just quick shots with my EVO 3D phone.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mud Flaps

My rear wheels have 15MM H&R spacers and the tires are 295/25/22. Rear wheels are 22x10.5
Since the wheels are pretty wide and so are the tires I was getting alot of dirt on my rear bumper. The biggest problem for me was the tire shine stuff. Everytime it was fresh and I would drive for a little bit alot of the grease stuff would be on my bumper and it was hard to get it off later.
Anyways the easiest thing for me was to get some mud flaps. I found someone who was selling rear mud flaps that were already painted the same color as my car. The guy was selling them for $100. The flaps came off his bmw 750. He had them on his car installed, didnt like the look so took them off. I ended up buying them and they were in really good condition, almost like new. BMW 750 flaps are a little bit different from the ones for a 745 but I made it work and fit my car perfect. If you guys not sure what you doing make sure you buy the 745 mud flaps, if you love and can rig something up to make it look good you can get a pair from 750 and make it work and look good. I love the look and if I found a pair for the front for a good price I would buy them too. I always keep my eyes open for new mods for my car!

Here are the pictures righ after bath:
(also notice the CF rear lip and deleted chrome bumper strip)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chrome Door handle

If you car has comfort access you will have the chrome strip on your door handle. If you do have comfort access that means your car is 2005 or newer since BMW didnt start having it as an option till 2005. This is what im talking about:

If you were to buy door handles from the Dealer you most likely would want to buy them because of the chrome strip. Thats the reason I wanted them. The cost for those door handles is about $2500, atleast from what I heard and I kinda dont doubt is since parts for this car are VERY expensive. I wasnt about to spend that much just on door handles. I had to come up with solution since I really wanted them.
1. Was to buy a new car 05 or newer.
2. Make them myself.
3. Pay someone to make it for me.

There is guy here local that can chrome anything for you, no matter how big or small but he would have to do the whole handle in chrome and I really didnt want that. He did some work for me for my previous cars, the stuff that you could buy in chrome, other things such as door handles were available on ebay and were alot cheaper then to pay my guy for his labor and time. For the BMW 7 series there was no such thing as buying aftermarket door handles with chrome strip.

I went to pepboys and was looking at their little random gatdets they sell for cars and came across chrome strips. They came in different sizes and had the 3m backing tape. The strips are very flexible and can be applied to any part of the car. They sell them from very narrow to almost like an inch wide. I found a size that would be perfect for what I had in mind.

The install took no longer then 15 minutes. All I had to do is clean the door handles from grease and dirt, I used some alcohol ($2 for a small bottle at dollar store) to get rid of grease, then cut my chrome stips to length, trim the edges so they are not pointy and apply to the door handle.

In my opinion the result is great and it was a simple quick DIY. The whole thing cost me no more then $30 bucks.

Since PEPBOYS sell so many different width sized if you want it wider or skinnier you can find it!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

LED License Plate

If you decide to change your license plate lights you need to buy special bulbs that have resistors in them.

Regular bulbs will trigger some sensors and you will always get a message on your Idrive that the bulbs are out even though they are not. Thats why for the rear license plate you will need error free lights. Also they are 100 times brighter then the stock ones and make the car look more up to date and much better. In other words they look great!
On the picture they look more blue but really they are bright white color. You can get them in other colors, I bought blue ones but immediatly took them off because I didnt wanna risk and get pulled over.

Friday, February 3, 2012



Because the 7 series are so quiet, too quiet, no engine noise and no exhaust it never feels like you are driving fast. So what I wanted to do is to add some better sound to it and install an exhaust, after some research I decided  to go with magnaflow muffler, part # 14445. The cost is little over $70 dollars for this muffler. Install will depend on your local muffler shops. I was quoted $50 to weld this one on and they ended up charging me $40 since the install took only about 25 minutes.
Picture of the muffler is what the muffler looks like. There are 2 mufflers under the car, side by side, smaller one and a larger one. This magnaflow muffler replaces the smaller one. There is also a butterfly vavle that is stock and  is on the smaller muffler, I had it cut off and transferred onto this new magnaflow muffler so it doesnt stay open at all times, only when you rev the RPMs past 3000. However there is a way to keep  the valve open at all times for you exhaust to sound mean all the time. I will take some photos and show you guys.

Stock muffler, same for E65 E66 02-08:

RED: Butterfly Valve
BLUE: Muffler that gets replaced
GREEN: Muffler that stays on the car

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Almost a year ago I attended a car meet at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, GA.
The meet was called "4ngiefest" it was a car meet for all German cars, 90% were bmw's.
I will be posting more pictures of the meet later but right now I just wanna post a picture of my car and there is also a video of the meet under my "videos" page.
Here is me:
More pix of the meet will be posted!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Windshield Wipers

Just bought new windshield wipers from
PROMO CODE "maxrossi20" for 20% off.
My cost for wipers was about $40 dollars.
Ebay prices are $57 dollars for Brand New ones and its exact same product.
BMW Dealer prices are over $100 dollars.
Autozone prices were around $30 a piece for similar style wipers.

GREAT PRODUCT!!! Recommended!!