Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gloss Black Vinyl

This is the black vinyl I was going to use for my bmw to get rid of all the chrome. The roll im not sure how long but it was more then enough to do the whole car. It came in a roll about 4 inches wide. Its gloss black color. Since my car doesnt have the metallic paint it matches my car great. I personally like black color without metallic in it, some of you might not but I do.
Here is a picture of what the roll looked like when i just bought it. It cost around $30 dollars if im not mistaking.

I was eventually going to get rid of all the chrome like I said but for now I just did the rear and front bumpers since it was the easiest to do for me. I did start on the long chrome strips that run across the roof but it wasnt working out so I gave up and for now.
Here is a picture from my old cellphone so sorry for very bad quality:

If you got some pictures of you car whatever the car you drive post some pictures on my blog, I'd appreciate it!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Carbon Fiber Grille For Sale

I love my Carbon Fiber front grille but im thinking about switching it back to chrome. I kinda hate to peel it all off, instead i want to buy new chrome grille, dont mean brand new but just chrome grille. So if anyone is interested in buying this one of a kind custom BMW 745 E66 E65 Carbon Fiber grille please let me know and we can work something out. Its in great shape. You wont find one anywhere unless you make one yourself and that takes time, alot of time if you dont know what you are doing.
Once again it took some time to wrap it and I just hate to peel off the vinyl to bring it back to chrome so if anyone want to buy this grille please let me know. I can post more pictures of it if needed.
Thanks for looking! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carbon Fiber Grille

Since I had some CF vinyl left over I decided to vinyl my front grille. Instead of painting it black or getting black vinyl I decided to do it in carbon fiber. Another reason for it was because I never seen a carbon fiber grille on a 745 bmw so I figured I will be the 1st.
Here is the result of my work:
vs. black grille

I will be posting picture later but what I also did is blacked out the chrome trim on the front and rear bumper using gloss black vinyl.

Post some pics of you grilles on my blog if you'd like please, I'd love to see them!


This is when I just bought the car:
Few months Later:
Current look:

Post pictures of your bmw projects, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.


After selling my 128's I got me some 22 inch Brand New MRR GT1 wheels. Had them for about a year now and havent had any problems at all. Best set of wheels I owned so far. Very happy with them. Here are few pictures:

Post pictures of your bmw projects, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

AIB, HID Xenon Fog

Lighting Upgraded
Ordered and installed new lights. The low beam bulbs were pretty simple to install. The passenger side needed a removal of the air intake to get to the light bulb.
To change the Angel eye bulbs you will need to take off your headlight, what I did is loosened up all the screwn and pulled it forward about inch or two without removing a bumper and I got the lights changed.
The fog lights require H3 bulbs. I ordered HID H3 Xenon kit online for the fogs. Install wasnt a plug and play because of how the back of the foglight is made. It did require some drilling to get the wires through the hole. The result is great, they are 6000K's, very bright and shine alot better then stock.
If you change the stock yellow looking angel eyes to the new bright ones then you will have to change the fog to have the right look. When mine were both stock it matched since the fogs and the Angel eye rings matched colors, both yellowish. Now they all look bright white and I think it looks great! Here are the pics.

Old Angel eyes VS new AIB Lights.

NEW LOOK w/white corner lights

HID Fog Lamps, AIB, amber corner lights.

Post pictures of your bmw projects, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JL Audio Sound System

I am currently in process of installing a custom sound system in my 745. Custom built subwoofer enclosure with plexi glass and gew neon lights. Its currently about 90% done. Just gotta finish the box cover for the trunk and do the custom trim piece for the interior. Here are just a few teaser pictures:

The center interior piece is not done yet and will look something like my next picture..

This is what im talking about the center piece with hole where you can see the woofer, this picture is what inspired me to go for the look im going for:

Here is the equipment I am using for my sound system: JL audio 12" subwoofer and RE 1000.1 AMP

My car is equipped with Logic7 sound system. Now I will also have the JL audio sub added to the whole system... Not all 7 series bmw's are equipped with Logic7. Here is what Logic7 is:


The LOGIC7 HiFi system used in the 7 Series features a 13-speaker 420-watt premium audio system.

LOGIC7 is well known in stationary professional and semi-professional applications, but BMW's LOGIC7 HiFi system is the first sound system in the world to offer the surround sound LOGIC7 concept in a car.
LOGIC7 is a special digital audio signal processor able to optimize two-channel stereo signals and multi-channel multi-media signals. The BMW 7 Series iDrive Controller and Control Display performs all functions and provides all settings for LOGIC7.

Until recently, high-end audio systems have been based on the stereo principle; the original sound is recorded on two separate channels, corresponding to human hearing. To reproduce this sound as authentically as possible in a car, the two channels are then played back by different systems having at least two loudspeakers.
To perfect the stereophonic principle, sound specialists have developed elaborate surround recording and reproduction systems.
The high-end audio systems used in automobiles thus far have been 5.1 units featuring:
  • two main loudspeakers at the left and right of the car
  • a central loudspeaker between the two rows of seats
  • two surround loudspeakers at the rear left and right
  • a central woofer
These 5.1 systems provide excellent reproduction of stereo sound sources, although the playback of analog recordings or modern film sound is less than optimum.
The LOGIC7 system in the new BMW 7 Series is able to convert both analog and digital stereo recordings into surround sound signals.
First, the system subdivides each stereo signal received into seven individual signals processed specifically for the car and its interior conditions.
Then, to generate the best possible surround effect, LOGIC7 uses the surround data in each stereo signal to create two sound dimensions:
  1. the place where the sound was originally created, and
  2. the acoustic environment or space where it is played back.
To ensure optimum reproduction quality, the system uses the proven 5.1 concept, but adds two virtual side channels, creating the 7.1 surround sound concept.
Now, with LOGIC7 surround sound, passengers in the new 7 Series can enjoy both music originally recorded in analog mode, surround-coded recordings, and the specially mixed sound of DVD films.
The Professional LOGIC7 HiFi system has the following loudspeaker units:
  • A 100-mm conical midrange as the central speaker in the middle of the instrument panel.
  • Six 100-mm conical midrange speakers in the four doors and in the rear parcel shelf.
  • Two 210-mm central woofers beneath the front seats.
BMW was the first auto manufacturer to place woofers beneath the front seats.
The LOGIC7 system uses high-performance woofers with 28 mm of lift and a Neodym-constructed drive. The woofers are connected acoustically to the side-sills, using these hollow cavities to full advantage. This location is well suited to enhance the quality of the sound system. This solution also ensures woofer sound with very low distortion and a symmetric spread of the low-frequency sound energy within the passenger full advantage. This lo
The two woofers have a 1.1" stroke and are acoustically connected to the hollow frame rails. The door side sills are the speakers' resonating acoustic chambers, providing 20 liters of volume per side.
The 7.1 channel playback matrix is stereo compatible and allows all two-channel material to play in full, multichannel surround. To ensure tonal accuracy in the high frequency range, tweeter dome profiles are modeled for maximum dispersion while eliminating coloration caused by "break-up" modes.

LOGIC7 technology has the ability to clearly place musical instruments, sound effects, and dialog within recorded or broadcasted music at different depths and panning within the listening space. Each of the seven LOGIC7 channels are full bandwidth and uniquely reproduce decorrelated stereo information from front to back, regenerating the broad spectrum of frequencies in the desired locations.
Unlike other forms of surround processing, the LOGIC7 system doesn't add false reverbs to the material, so it can create a soundstage inside the vehicle's cabin.
Finally, the system does not take up any space in the luggage compartment.


Here is a picture of my custom box at its very 1st stage!

Post pictures of your bmw projects, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.

Gloss Black Pillars

My car not being a sport model came with matte pillars. After a window tint the windows looked really nice and glossy and the pillars were throwing off the whole look. I looked around and there are plenty of carbon fiber door pillars for sale like this :

I didnt want carbon fiber so I kept looking for gloss black. I finally found it. Its not nearly as good at the real deal but it does the trick. The cost is under $40. Nice and cheap upgrade and makes everything nice and glossy, makes it all work together just right!

Post pictures of your bmw projects, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blue Led Enterior

Interior LED Lighting

A long time ago I installed blue led lights under the dash and the doors. I kept it like that for some time but then decided to switch back to stock or led white. I did switch to white led lights but if someone wants to see what it looked like here are some pictures of what it looked like:

The bulb type that can be used for this is T10 or T8 as pictued here:

Post pictures of your bmw projects, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.


3M CF Vinyl Installed

I have successfully installed the vinyl on the center of my front lip. Lip was full of small chips from rocks so to hide it and make it look better I came up with an idea to buy the carbon fiber vinyl tape and do the center of the lip in carbon fiber.
The install wasnt as easy as people make it look when you watch people apply it on youtube and stuff. I did it by myself in my garage and it took me little over an hour to get it right, I did okay. If I was to redo it now it would take me less time and i would be able to do a cleaner job. Turned out pretty cool, gets alot of attention, here is the result:

I also did the rear lip of the bumper in carbon fiber and the front grill. I will be posting the pictures of those things later. Last picture shows the lip getting wrapped in vinyl.

There are many things you can do with it for outside of your car and inside of your car. Here are a few pictures from a bimmerfest member that started doing his CF interior.

This is a picture of when I was getting the front ACS lip wrapping in vinyl. I used a hair dryer so I dont overheat the vinyl because if you use heatgun you have to be really careful and not burn the vinyl. For me hair dryer worked the best and it did work really good. Hardest part was to get the bubbles out. They eventually will all go away, just give it some time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rear Entertainment

The rear entertainment was optional on the 7 series. They didnt start having it as an option till 2005. This is what the factory rear entertainment looks like:

Since my car is a 2003 model it didnt come with that option.  Thats why I have aftermarket rear entertainment in my car. It has 7" farenheit headrest tv screens and a DVD/MP3/CD player.
Here are the pictures:

Here is a picture where the swith is mounted to turn on and turn off the rear TV screens:

Here is where my DVD player located with remote control, I think its a perfect place for it:

Here is what the factory center console looks like:

There are also headphones that come with my system, they are located in the rear center console. Both are wireless.
Also it has a bluetooth module installed called BTUM CPT 9000 so I can talk on the phone hands free and use the car phone to dial numbers. Module should cost you anywhere from $100 to $200 dollars.

Just few pictures I found online with some serious rear entertainment:

Post pictures of your bmw projects/mods, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.

Time for new Wheels

After having my 128's for close to 2 years it was time to let them go and get some new shoes for my ride. I was getting tired of them so it was time to find new wheels. Very hard to do since there are so many options available. There are plentyl of nice wheels but i didnt want to spend 5K on just the wheels. I set a budget of 2500-3000.
Out of all the wheels available here are my top pics:
Asanti AF120

Asanti AF128

MRR GT4 black

MRR GT4 silver

MRR GT1 w/Chrome lip

MRR GT1 silver w/Chrome lip

MRR GT1 w/Machined lip

Asanti AF120 was my #1 choice but I couldnt find a good deal online anywhere, brand new are way too expensive and all the used ones for sale were selling anywhere from 2500 and up and had curb rash on them and there was a possibility that they were bent.
Asanti AF120 BMW 745LI pix:

750 BMW on ASANTIS AF120:

Asanti AF128 was my #2 choice but just like my #1 choice they were kinda hard to find for the right price. They are both 3pc wheels and they are know to have bent lips and thats not a cheap repair. Many people who had them had too many problems with leaks and bends.
My next option was to get the MRR GT4 5 spoke design wheels because I love 5 spoked wheels but after talking to a few of my friends and seeing some pictures online how they looked on the 7er I backed out. They are not bad wheels but they dont belong on a 7 in my opinion.
GT4 with black face:

GT4 with silver face:

So the wheels I was gonna go with were the MRR GT1 wheels with polished lip. They looked very similar to the Asanti AF120 that i wanted to get and they were cheaper and from all the reviews I was reading they were great and nobody had problems with them.  Here is the look i was going for:

I was satisfied with the looks. I wasnt sure if i should get silver with polished lip, all chrome or black with polished lip. Well since my car was black i decided to go with black w/polished lip. So i got to looking around and calling places and I come to findout that they are discontinued. They said they will not be making MRR wheels with polished lips anymore, only chrome. I didnt know what to do. Chrome reflects everything like a mirror so therefore i knew that the black center is going to be reflected in the chrome and the lips are not going to look like they are 5 inches. I couldnt find anywhere online a picture of  a 7er that had these same wheels with chrome lip so I had no idea what its gonna look like.

I also posted a video of a 745 rolling on MRR GT1 wheels with polished lips. Check it out. It looks almost like mine except i dont think its lowered.