Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spring Compressor

Needed tool to lower the car...
To get the car lowered you will need a spring compressor tool. Many body shops might have those and they can do all the work for you. I like to do everything myself so I rented the tool and installed the springs myself in 6 hours. I did the rear 1st and next day I did the front ones. Bodyshop can do it quicker im sure but they charge about $300 dollars for the installation.

This set of springs compressors will cost you about 20 -30 dollars if you want to own a set. If you dont you can always find a place to rent them such as autozone.

This set of springs compressors can be rented for 50 dollars from any Autozone. Thats what i have done. I went to autozone and rented it for 50 dollars. You can bring it back anytime and they will refund you 50 dollars.

To change the springs will take about 6-8 hours. Its a one person job. Alightment to your car is highly recommended after the install of the springs.

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