Monday, January 23, 2012

3M CF Vinyl Installed

I have successfully installed the vinyl on the center of my front lip. Lip was full of small chips from rocks so to hide it and make it look better I came up with an idea to buy the carbon fiber vinyl tape and do the center of the lip in carbon fiber.
The install wasnt as easy as people make it look when you watch people apply it on youtube and stuff. I did it by myself in my garage and it took me little over an hour to get it right, I did okay. If I was to redo it now it would take me less time and i would be able to do a cleaner job. Turned out pretty cool, gets alot of attention, here is the result:

I also did the rear lip of the bumper in carbon fiber and the front grill. I will be posting the pictures of those things later. Last picture shows the lip getting wrapped in vinyl.

There are many things you can do with it for outside of your car and inside of your car. Here are a few pictures from a bimmerfest member that started doing his CF interior.

This is a picture of when I was getting the front ACS lip wrapping in vinyl. I used a hair dryer so I dont overheat the vinyl because if you use heatgun you have to be really careful and not burn the vinyl. For me hair dryer worked the best and it did work really good. Hardest part was to get the bubbles out. They eventually will all go away, just give it some time.

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