Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gloss Black Vinyl

This is the black vinyl I was going to use for my bmw to get rid of all the chrome. The roll im not sure how long but it was more then enough to do the whole car. It came in a roll about 4 inches wide. Its gloss black color. Since my car doesnt have the metallic paint it matches my car great. I personally like black color without metallic in it, some of you might not but I do.
Here is a picture of what the roll looked like when i just bought it. It cost around $30 dollars if im not mistaking.

I was eventually going to get rid of all the chrome like I said but for now I just did the rear and front bumpers since it was the easiest to do for me. I did start on the long chrome strips that run across the roof but it wasnt working out so I gave up and for now.
Here is a picture from my old cellphone so sorry for very bad quality:

If you got some pictures of you car whatever the car you drive post some pictures on my blog, I'd appreciate it!

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