Sunday, January 15, 2012

H&R spacers install

Once the car was lowered i noticed that the wheels were pushed in inward too much. Front didnt concern me so much but the back wheels were pushed inward too much. It was time to get some wheels spacers.
Questions I asked myself were? What size spacers to get? Will they effect the ride quality?
After much research the 20mm spacers for the rear was my best choice. 15mm spacers for the front.
I ended up buying H&R spacers for the rear, size 20mm, also needed longer studs to make it work. For now I just did the rear and sometime later I got 15mm spacers for the front.

Here is just an example of what it will look like before and after spacers install.  Also few picture of what the spacers look like.

Before and after example picture.

H&R spacer and studs.

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