Friday, January 13, 2012

Wheels and Wheel gap..

Once the wheels were installed the car looked good except for one thing that was bothering me! The clearance between the fender and tire was too big. The car wasnt sitting like it should, not how i wanted it too. Everyone liked my new wheels, got alot of comments on the car and wheels but i had few people asking why not lowering it?
Here are some pictures for you to see what im talking about:

I didnt know if I should lower it or not, I wanted too but main concern was that the car will be too low to the ground and there is always a chance of the tires rubbing since they are wide.

Not being lowered wasnt bad but since the tires are so skinny it just didnt sit properly. Rear was much lower in the back, front is what was bothering me the most. Now i was looking to buy my new lowering springs.

 Next mod to come:
  • Lowering Springs

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