Monday, January 16, 2012

Body Kit

Now that the 7 was lowered and sitting properly it was time for more, a body kit!
After doing some research the AC Schnitzer was my top choice of body kits! A full 4pc bodykit will cost about $1000. Not for real genuine AC Schnitzer kit but replica. Real kit will cost about 4, 5 times the price.
After a while I decided just to get the front lip. Didnt really need the side skirts and I didnt want the rear lip since I was planning to cut the rear bumper and do exposed exhaust. Thats why my best bet was just to get the front bumper lip. I was able to find an ebay seller who was willing to sell just the front one for little over $400 shipped.

Here is what the lip will look like when you get it:

If you buy the replica from a good company it should include the center lower grille and 2 small pieces that are installed by the fog lights. Before you order make sure to ask if it comes with those. If it doesnt that means you will have to modify you lip more then needed to make it work with your stock lower bumper grille pieces. Mine did come with all the stuff needed except for things such as screws. My ACS lip was made by Extreme Dimensions.

Here is the ACS kit from the back, rear lip, roof spoiler and side skirts also genuine 22'' ACS wheels.

vs. stock

This is what my car looked like before the lip:

 When the lip came in I put up the lip on the car just to see how it will look like. I just put it up against the bumper thats why the fitments doesnt look right. Also i was able to pick up a european tag for the front.
Next step was to get it to the bodyshop for paint.

Here is a look i was going for:

Here is what I meant by exposed exhaust:

Post pictures of your bmw projects/mods, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.

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