Thursday, January 26, 2012

AIB, HID Xenon Fog

Lighting Upgraded
Ordered and installed new lights. The low beam bulbs were pretty simple to install. The passenger side needed a removal of the air intake to get to the light bulb.
To change the Angel eye bulbs you will need to take off your headlight, what I did is loosened up all the screwn and pulled it forward about inch or two without removing a bumper and I got the lights changed.
The fog lights require H3 bulbs. I ordered HID H3 Xenon kit online for the fogs. Install wasnt a plug and play because of how the back of the foglight is made. It did require some drilling to get the wires through the hole. The result is great, they are 6000K's, very bright and shine alot better then stock.
If you change the stock yellow looking angel eyes to the new bright ones then you will have to change the fog to have the right look. When mine were both stock it matched since the fogs and the Angel eye rings matched colors, both yellowish. Now they all look bright white and I think it looks great! Here are the pics.

Old Angel eyes VS new AIB Lights.

NEW LOOK w/white corner lights

HID Fog Lamps, AIB, amber corner lights.

Post pictures of your bmw projects, even if its not 7 series, no matter how big or small, we would all love to see it.



  2. Thanks Bro, it made a huge difference, i love it

  3. Can you post where you were able to pick up this setup at? I'm looking to upgrade my 2006 760Li. Thanks

    1. Mitch for 2006 you will need a 9006 HID kit. YOU can get one off ebay for under 80 dollars.