Friday, February 10, 2012

Mud Flaps

My rear wheels have 15MM H&R spacers and the tires are 295/25/22. Rear wheels are 22x10.5
Since the wheels are pretty wide and so are the tires I was getting alot of dirt on my rear bumper. The biggest problem for me was the tire shine stuff. Everytime it was fresh and I would drive for a little bit alot of the grease stuff would be on my bumper and it was hard to get it off later.
Anyways the easiest thing for me was to get some mud flaps. I found someone who was selling rear mud flaps that were already painted the same color as my car. The guy was selling them for $100. The flaps came off his bmw 750. He had them on his car installed, didnt like the look so took them off. I ended up buying them and they were in really good condition, almost like new. BMW 750 flaps are a little bit different from the ones for a 745 but I made it work and fit my car perfect. If you guys not sure what you doing make sure you buy the 745 mud flaps, if you love and can rig something up to make it look good you can get a pair from 750 and make it work and look good. I love the look and if I found a pair for the front for a good price I would buy them too. I always keep my eyes open for new mods for my car!

Here are the pictures righ after bath:
(also notice the CF rear lip and deleted chrome bumper strip)

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