Wednesday, February 15, 2012


As you know im working on my custom sound system. The box was done few weeks ago, all hooked up and working all I had to do is finish the final panel that has the plexi glass in it. Sorry for the cheap looking photos, didnt have my camera with me at the time so just used my EVO 3D phone to take them and it was dark in the garage.

Once the plexi glass was glued, I waited to make sure the glue cured really good so the glass doesnt fly out for any reason later on.

I used a few screws to hold the cover in place to see make sure it all fits right..

Once that was complete it was time to make the final cover to hide all the wood.
And this is what I ended up with. It was now time to cover it with grey cloth to match the trunk. It wasnt going to be a perfect match but close enough for me to like it.

To make that shape i first used thick piece of cardboard and kept cutting it to fit the trunk as nice as possible. Once that was complete I just transferred it all to the piece of wood and cut the wood to shape.

It was then time to use the adhesive and add the cloth material.

Once all that was done and 20 minutes later this is what the final cover looked like:

Also before I cut the hole I put this cover inside the trunk to show all you guys what it would look like if the sub was hidden in a box and there would not be any plexi glass.
Too plain in my opinion but im sure some people like that. Also notice how much trunk space I have left! PLENTY!! Here it is:

Here are just a few random pictures. This is with not plexi glass cover on the box so you can even notice the top neon light.

Pictures of the final result will be posted soon!

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