Monday, February 6, 2012

Chrome Door handle

If you car has comfort access you will have the chrome strip on your door handle. If you do have comfort access that means your car is 2005 or newer since BMW didnt start having it as an option till 2005. This is what im talking about:

If you were to buy door handles from the Dealer you most likely would want to buy them because of the chrome strip. Thats the reason I wanted them. The cost for those door handles is about $2500, atleast from what I heard and I kinda dont doubt is since parts for this car are VERY expensive. I wasnt about to spend that much just on door handles. I had to come up with solution since I really wanted them.
1. Was to buy a new car 05 or newer.
2. Make them myself.
3. Pay someone to make it for me.

There is guy here local that can chrome anything for you, no matter how big or small but he would have to do the whole handle in chrome and I really didnt want that. He did some work for me for my previous cars, the stuff that you could buy in chrome, other things such as door handles were available on ebay and were alot cheaper then to pay my guy for his labor and time. For the BMW 7 series there was no such thing as buying aftermarket door handles with chrome strip.

I went to pepboys and was looking at their little random gatdets they sell for cars and came across chrome strips. They came in different sizes and had the 3m backing tape. The strips are very flexible and can be applied to any part of the car. They sell them from very narrow to almost like an inch wide. I found a size that would be perfect for what I had in mind.

The install took no longer then 15 minutes. All I had to do is clean the door handles from grease and dirt, I used some alcohol ($2 for a small bottle at dollar store) to get rid of grease, then cut my chrome stips to length, trim the edges so they are not pointy and apply to the door handle.

In my opinion the result is great and it was a simple quick DIY. The whole thing cost me no more then $30 bucks.

Since PEPBOYS sell so many different width sized if you want it wider or skinnier you can find it!


  1. Boing, remove those immediatley!!!!!!!!! whats wrong with you lol

  2. LOL
    Ill take it off if all the rest of the chrome on the car comes off.
    I think it looks good, not trying to make people think that i have comfort access, just did it for looks

  3. What size chrome strips did you used for the door handles? Thanks!